Plant With Purpose

Every business should adopt a charity (or two or three).

I have adopted Plant With Purpose - an international charity.

In 2017, I am conducting a charity crowdfunding campaign to raise a minimum of $6,000 for Plant With Purpose on the GoFundMe platform.  Click on Campaign.

Plant With Purpose,, is a charity that sends teams into developing countries that have been negatively impacted by cutting down their forests.  The teams implement plans to replant the forests and help communities self-fund microloan programs for local economic development.  You may download a one page overview of Plant With Purpose.  Click on Download.

plant with purpose 6.jpg

I saw this opportunity to help Plant With Purpose by using what I know about crowdfunding.  Plant with Purpose is helping people build their own capital within the framework of repairing the forests that are needed for local jobs.  They are demonstrating true ‘sustainability’, both environmental and economic, to address poverty. 

plant with purpose 8.jpg

The campaign to benefit Plant with Purpose employs charity crowdfunding where people may make a donation.

 In preparation for the campaign, I worked with Xuan (Emma) Liu, a student at Case Western Reserve University in the Weatherhead School of Management to create a crowdfunding workbook and plan for a donor centric campaign. Through this process, my ‘crowd’ of personal and professional relationships was analyzed and a series of tailored communications developed for direct contact and delivery via social media.

Donors of $25 or more to this campaign for Plant With Purpose will receive a free digital copy of a workbook to develop a charity crowdfunding campaign and a copy of the plan used in this campaign. 

In addition, a license will be granted to Plant With Purpose to incorporate the materials within their development programs.

The campaign will also serve as a case study for educational programs on crowdfunding to be presented by Colorado Community Capital PBC.

Please join me in supporting Plant With Purpose!

Karl Dakin
Dakin Capital Services LLC